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Onboard Truck Scales by Blue Ink Tech

Looking for truck scales for your fleet? Blue Ink Tech has what you need.

Top reasons to go with BIT Air Scale for your truck scales

Weighing your options when it comes to air suspension truck scales.

Quick Install

Anyone can install the BIT truck scales in as little as 10 minutes with just a box cutter or razor blade.

Easy Calibration

Enter your scale tickets into the Blue Ink Tech app to calibrate your onboard truck scales.

Accurate Results

The onboard truck scales from Blue Ink Tech are 99.7% accurate after proper calibration.

Watch how easy it is to get started with BIT Air Scales

Don't let a difficult set up process weigh you down

Installing your truck scales

When we say that BIT Air Scales are easy to install, we mean it. The only tool that you will need is a blade that can cut your plastic air line feeding your air bags on your air suspension. With a straight cut you can push the hose into the DOT approved tee fitting and your new truck scales are installed.

  • Cut the air suspension line

    Using a razor blade, box cutter or hose cutter. Make a straight cut on the air line feeding your air suspension past the height control valve.

  • Push on your scale sensor

    Push your cut line into the DOT approved tee fitting and your truck and trailer now has onboard truck scales.

  • Assign the sensor

    Tell the Blue Ink Tech app which truck or trailer you installed the truck scale sensor on so all drivers can get gross and axle weights from any equipment in your fleet.

up close bluetooth truck scale by Blue Ink Tech

Calibration and Accuracy

When you follow the extremely simple calibration process you can see your gross truck weight accuracy with in 300 lbs of what an in-ground scale will read. The more data you give the Blue Ink Tech app to calibrate the smarter and more accurate your bluetooth truck scale sensors become.

Blue Ink Tech's bluetooth onboard truck scales
  • Scale Empty

    Scale your truck empty with no load and enter your empty axle weights into the app to train your bluetooth truck scale sensors what an empty truck load feels like.

  • Scale Loaded

    Scale your truck while it has a load on it and enter the axle weights into the BIT app to train your truck scales what a loaded truck feels like.

  • Get Results

    After a little training you will get steer, drive, trailer, gross and cargo load weights. Know what you weigh at the shippers or how to adjust your axles to balance your loads.

Grow your company

Add on any of Blue Ink Tech's other products to help you grow your company and keep all of your data in one place.

  • Monitor your Fleet

    See the current weight of any truck and trailer in your fleet at any time on the Blue Ink Tech platform.

  • Identify Risk

    Know if drivers are leaving overloaded and putting your CSA score at risk

  • Add on the BIT ELD

    Monitor your drivers hours of service logs and see who has available time with the BIT ELD.

A fleet manager looking at his fleets truck scale readings
truck scale ticket made from the BIT air scale app

Print, send and save scale tickets

Properly calibrated BIT Air Scales have the ability to email and save scale tickets from inside the BIT app. Send your truck weight scale tickets to a shipper, keep them as pdf document for your jobs or use them as proof of loading

*not certified weights

Savings calculator

See how much you can save on truck weight scale tickets and fuel cost using our BIT Air Scale savings calculator. Learn how much you are spending to scale your trucks every year and how much you can keep.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 9.22.25 PM-1-1

See what people are saying

BIT Air Scales are guaranteed to save you time and money when it comes to scaling your loads.

"I would recommend this scale to anyone...”

“Takes all of the guess work out of loading my grain hopper I would recommend this scale to anyone. I can get within 100 pounds of my target weight every time.”

M. Madsen - Triple M Trucking
Sioux Rapids, IA

“Within 50-100 lbs. Very happy with product.”

“Was delivered in 2 days as promised and product work as described. Was told it would be within 500 pounds and in most cases it’s within 50-100 lbs. Very happy with product.”

E. Mallett - JJ Sargent Trucking
Dawsonville, GA

"The program is very user friendly. If you any problems you are always able to get assistance from a live operator and not be on hold forever.  "

H. Robertson - Hark Drilling Inc.
El Mirage, AZ

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